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EMP's PhysicianFirst Academy Slated for Nov. 2 - 3

  1. Dr. Jesse DiRando piloted and now oversees EMP's PhysicianFirst Academy.Dr. Jesse DiRando piloted and now oversees EMP's PhysicianFirst Academy.
October 17, 2011

Jesse DiRando, MD, FACEP announced that the PhysicianFirst Academy, an innovative triage method designed to facilitate efficient patient care in the Emergency Department, has openings for its November 2 – 3 program in Canton, OH.

According to Dr. DiRando, Vice President of the EMP Medical Group and the founder and director of the PhysicianFirst Program, traditional triage places a patient in front of nursing staff and predominantly focuses on data collection. PhysicianFirst moves a doctor to the front of the process and the patient directly into assessment – followed quickly by treatment, further testing or discharge.

The November curriculum will feature a site visit to Parma Community General Hospital near Cleveland, OH.

Based on data collected from 10 sites operating for 18 months with more than 500,000 annual visits, patient satisfaction, as measured by Press Ganey, increased by 67%. The study also showed that door to doctor time decreased by 47%, while patients leaving without treatment decreased by 64%. Meanwhile, the length of stay for patients that were discharged decreased by 18%.

The PhysicianFirst Program was most recently adopted at Sharon Regional Health System. According to Michael Garfinkel, MD, FACEP, Director of Emergency Medicine at Sharon Regional, “We know what patients really want in an emergency is to see a physician fast and get treatment started as quickly as possible. With our new PhysicianFirst program, we’re doing exactly that. Patients see a physician on arrival who starts the treatment process immediately, as opposed to other hospital emergency rooms where patients first register, then sit and wait to be called for treatment, often resulting in significant delays or quality of care issues.”

Emergency Medicine Physicians provides emergency services to nearly 3 million patients annually across the United States. Read more about the innovative and effective hospital solutions provided by EMP.

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